本文摘要:■ 公司名字. 美可特VICTOR DESIGN ■ 品牌名字. 担露■ 作品. 担露书本「担露」所说的就是等路,也就是说白了的「伴手礼」,在中国台湾,大伙儿但凡外出或回乡,南来北往总没忘记携份伴手礼,地区性的名特产也沦落伴手礼的最好随意选择。

■ 公司名字. 美可特VICTOR DESIGN ■ 品牌名字. 担露■ 作品. 担露书本「担露」所说的就是等路,也就是说白了的「伴手礼」,在中国台湾,大伙儿但凡外出或回乡,南来北往总没忘记携份伴手礼,地区性的名特产也沦落伴手礼的最好随意选择。美可特了解土特产的涉及到知名品牌实例,已累积许多操作过程工作经验,此次的发刊方案策划,以后将主题风格判定为「中国台湾伴手礼品牌形象设计」。

这书聚集了二十个不具有伴手礼特性的知名品牌实例,还包含大甲小林煎饼、嘉义老徐方块酥、员林顺泰老渍号…等充满著在地特性的名特产,收录与了由品牌形象定位、CIS识别技术、品牌形象精准定位、视觉效果对策、DM文宣、到纸盒设计方案、以致于专卖店门面整体规划等整体性的知名品牌工程项目。在「担露」中能够看到传统式土特产怎样运用品牌策划、纸盒对策,摇身一变为称头的伴手大礼,伴随着视觉效果导向性的时期来临,伴手礼对比过去更为务必展示出纸盒,这种属于中国台湾在地的好产品才不容易被注意到,针对广告企划同行业或知名品牌经营人来讲,则能够更为全方位掌握到品牌策划全过程中的作业者逻辑思维,获得做为工作经验参考或自主创新手册。( G9 v c’ ] ?4 K: JThis book gathered cases of brands that feature gifts. In connection to these cases, we employed brand engineering during the process of planning and counseling; we rigorously reviewed and evaluated, considering the positioning of market, targeted people, etc., in customer and consumption viewpoints, to finally construct a brand. Again on creation itself, with these famous produces/ gifts of each place, we tried to reinterpret them at various angles. Apart from discussing about marketing thinking in the process of brand planning, we also tried going back to the value and meaning of gifts to dish out the original sense, or give them some new look by using creativity or imaginations—adding new ideas of living to traditional flavors, and injecting playfulness to nostalgic objects, to transform them into language and pictures of our time, and let designs develop more rooms for play.。